The founder of Otobus, Mr. Abdullah Er had started working for a private school as a bus driver the year the school was opened in Sydney for education in 1996. Within a few years as the school rapidly grew, our founder Mr. Er was recognised as a hard working, capable and trustworthy employee, and was offered by the school to take on the responsibility of the schools complete transportation requirements. He began to purchase buses, employ drivers and diligently took full control of the division which the school no longer could handle.

The responsibility of transporting school students in a safe and timely manner to and from their homes on a daily basis was enormous; a risk the school was not willing to take as any oversights in the maintenance of vehicles, the training and development of drivers, and, the organising of daily routes of buses which were travelling all around NSW could have easily caused heavy and irreversible implications on the status and prestige of any school. 

Mr. Er, with his entrepreneurial foresight and dedicated work ethic was able to create a company which to date has never sacrificed on quality or integrity and has always exceeded all expectations and limitations. This has enabled him to gain recognition and growth in our competitive and highly regulated industry. 

As the school grew from a small 20 pupil to a 3000+ pupil establishment, one bus in 1996 turned into 18 by the end of the 2015 calendar year. Operating vehicles on this scale meant that Otobus had the capacity to service the schools complete transportation needs, including: excursions, camps, sports carnivals, after hours social events, interstate travel requirements, and much more. This allowed for the school to save substantial amounts of money as Otobus serviced these transfers at prices which no other company could beat. Consequently, both the school and the parents of students were pleased with our ability in being able to provide quality services at budget prices. 

In 2016, we had successfully expanded into the international market, where biannually we had started service the daily transportation needs of 300+ passengers, from start to finish of reputable clients from Asia. 

Today, with over 60+ buses in our fleet, we are a completely accredited bus operator in both NSW and Victoria. We are the only company within our community to operate at a large scale to service school children to-and-from school on a daily basis. We also provide our services to customers who require any kind of transport, including: hires, airport transfers, charters, interstate travel, schools, private chauffeured vehicles, luxury and budget services, and any customised service our customers may need. 

We are still currently a family owned company, where we share the vision of our founder: to provide comfortable, safe, friendly and reliable transportation services in Sydney, with the goal of being a one-stop-shop for all your hire and charter requirements, and no job is too big or too small for Otobus.