At Otobus, we have over 20 years of experience in the transport industry, and have been specialising in providing transportation services to schools since our establishment in 1996. We pride ourselves with our ability in providing safe, reliable, punctual and budget-friendly school bus services across Sydney. We had formed initially for the sole purpose of providing transportation to schools, and we have extensive experience in... Read more...

Whether it be for leisure, professional or academic purposes, traveling via airplane has become an ever-growing trend of our fast-paced and accessible modern world. This means that more and more people are increasingly trying to arrange transportation to and from the airport; often having to burden close family and friends for a ride, as many people still believe that the traveling to and from the airport from... Read more...


With all the required accreditations in place, a modern fleet of vehicles, experienced and trained drivers, and over 20 years of industry experience, Otobus can cater to charters of all shapes and sizes. Whether you require our services for a few hours of the day or for a few days, or, whether you book months in advance or urgently need a last-minute arrangement, or, whether it is a local or interstate trip, we will get you... Read more...


At Otobus, we work with many companies across several industries around Sydney to service their corporate transfer needs. We completely understand and agree that professionalism, reliability and experience are vital in ensuring that your associates, executives, important guests, clients and staff are transported to and from their destination in a timely, safe, efficient and cost effective manner.... Read more...

Whether you need a short-term or a long-term rental, or are looking at organising a vehicle for a small family or for a large group of friends, look no further than Otobus! The numerous vehicles available in our fleet for you to hire varies from standard and budget types to luxury, and our fleet consists of cars, vans, minibuses, buses, trailers, coaches and trucks. Our vehicles are available for a chartered service and for self-drive... Read more...



Visiting Sydney and want to maximise your stay but don't want to deal with the stress that comes with planning a tour? Or are you a hard-working local who has never gotten the chance to explore our beautiful country? Or, do you simply just want to be able to brief someone on what kind of tour you are interested in and have them organise the whole thing for you, where you then sit back, relax, and be taken from one point... Read more...




The founder of Otobus had started working for a private school as a bus driver the same year the school was opened in southwest Sydney for education in 1996. Within a few years, as the school gained recognition and rapidly grew, our founder Mr. Abdullah Er was recognised as a hard working, capable and trustworthy employee and was approached by the school, where he was offered to take on the responsibility of the schools complete transportation requirements. He then set up a company, began to purchase buses, employ drivers and diligently and dutifully, took full control of the division which the school no longer could handle, given the sensitivity of the task at hand; the responsibility of transporting school students- in a safe and timely manner, to and from their homes on a daily basis, was an enormous responsibility. This was a risk the school was not willing to take, as any oversights in the maintenance of vehicles, the training and development of bus drivers, and, the organising of daily routes of buses which were travelling all around NSW, could have easily caused heavy and irreversible implications on the status and prestige of any school. 

Mr. Er, with his entrepreneurial foresight and dedicated work ethic was able to create a company which to date has never sacrificed on quality or industry-set standards, and on the contrary has always exceeded all expectations and limitations, which has enabled him to gain recognition and growth in our competitive and highly regulated industry. He built his reputation around the old tradition of love, care and quality service.

As the school grew from a small 20 pupil to a 3000+ pupil establishment, one bus in 1996 turned into 18 by the end of the 2015 calendar year. Operating vehicles on this scale meant that Otobus had the capacity to service the schools complete transportation needs, including: excursions, camps, sports carnivals, after hours social events, interstate travel requirements, and much more. This allowed for the school to save substantial amounts of money, as by an indication of loyalty, otobus serviced these transfers at prices which no other company could meet. Consequently, both the school and the parents of students were pleased with Otobus' ability in being able to provide quality services at budget prices. 

Mr. Er's vision was to leave a legacy for his offspring. Over the 20 years, he strategically involved his two children in the day-to-day activities of the business, patiently training them and showing them the ropes, so that they would be able to one day take-over and expand the company. By 2016, Otobus was a completely accredited provider of transport, which means that we are able to service all sectors and take on all kinds of jobs relating to that of the transportation of public passengers. We have also successfully expanded into the international market, where biannually we service the transportation requirements of hundreds of passengers, from start to finish, of two reputable clients from Asia; this includes their airport transfers, day-to-day travel needs, weekend tours, etc.

Today, we are a completely accredited and qualified provider of transportation in NSW, and despite having contractual agreements with several other private schools and prestigious sporting clubs in Sydney where we service their private door-to-door transportation needs, our extensive fleet of modern and diverse vehicles that we are constantly updating and renewing means that we also provide our services to customers who require any kind of transport, including: hiresairport transferschartersinbound toursschool services, private chauffeured vehicles, luxury and budget services, and any customised service our customers may need. 

We are still currently a family owned company, where we share the vision of our founder, and strive to provide comfortable, safe, friendly and reliable transportation services in Sydney, with the goal of being a one-stop-shop for all your hire and charter requirements, and soon, having offices all around Australia, for your convenience and peace of mind. 

We are open to all booking requests and contractual offers, and no job is too big, and no job is too small for Otobus! 


"I have been using the services of the Otobus Company for the past 8 years and in that time I have been privy to their professionalism in conducting their business. Their commitment in providing a safe and comfortable trip to their passengers is unparalleled. They pride themselves in punctuality and they are very willing to accommodate passengers whenever the need arises. As a great part of the Otobus operation is transporting schools students (some who are very young) to and from their homes, the care and welfare displayed by the personnel during these trips is exceptional. On many occasions I have seen the bus drivers making multiple calls to the parties concerned enquiring about a student who has not made it on the bus or is running late. 

The buses are always clean and neat, and in the time I have travelled with them, I have never had an experience of a break down or disruption in service. Compliance with the rules of the road is an important component of their work ethics and I have never seen a bus driver responsible for any traffic infringements."
- Mrs. Zohra Goolam


"... As I am a working mother and due to my professional responsibilities I cannot provide transport to my daughters. I was very anxious to leave my young kids to rely on somebody else to provide services initially. 

I am very pleased and confident to say that soon after I have started the bus service with current contractor I am so satisfied. I have been provided with relevant contact numbers, and staff members are very easy to approach, and act immediately for any emergency situation and I have always been promptly informed for any unexpected delays. 

I am so confident to say I am extremely satisfied that my girls are in safe hands. I have had no complaint with the transport service so far. I would definitely recommend it for others and will feel comfortable to continue with the current transport management."
- Dr. Azra Tabassum

"I am writing to express my gratitude to Otobus Rentals, the private bus operator, and their team for the effort they put in to accommodating everyone’s needs. Their willingness to take concerns on board and work towards making the bus trips to and from the school as easy as possible on the students is greatly appreciated."
- Mrs. Hala Hosni