Welcome to the Otobus online bus booking form for Ilim College teachers!

Please enter the required information in all fields below, and note the following:

1) Our buses are used as private door-to-door school bus services to service other private schools in Melbourne’s South East. Our buses can not leave for excursions before 9:10am, and must return to school by 2:30pm.

2) After-hours excursions, such as those that require our services earlier than 9:10am and later than 2:00pm, can not be guaranteed confirmation. These excursions will be charged at a different rate, and requests will be analysed on a case-by-case basis.

3) One booking request must be sent per excursion. If you require a booking for 2 dates for the same excursion, please fill out 2 bus booking requests.

4) Changes to excursion details must be made at least 7 days before your excursion booking date.

5) If there is a difference in number of passengers attending excursions on the day of excursion versus the day catered for, and you require less buses than what was booked, you will be charged for the total number of buses initially booked, regardless of whether all buses have travelled or not.

6) There must be at least one teacher/supervisor per bus.

7) Once you have submitted this form, you will receive an email asking for you to verify your booking details. Once verified, we will send you another confirmation email.

8) Please forward all booking-related correspondence to bookings@otobus.com.au.


Please fill out our online bus booking form to organise transportation for your upcoming excursion.

PHONE: 1300 OTOBUS/1300 686 287


Please specify the maximum number of expected students, including teachers, students, parents and volunteers. You may change the number of passengers no later than 7 working days before your excursion date.
Time the bus will leave the school in the morning. Buses may not depart earlier than 9:10am. Should you require an earlier booking, please enter the time of departure below, and we will advise of availability/pricing via email.
Time bus/buses will leave the venue. Please do not enter the time you would like to arrive at the school. You must enter the departure time from venue. Bus/buses arrival time on campus must be earlier than 2:30pm. Should you require a later booking, please enter the time of departure below, and we will advise of availability/pricing via email.
E.g. Year 11 Legal Studies Workshop.
E.g. Casey Fields, National Museum of Australia, etc.
Exact Address of Venue: *
Exact Address of Venue:
Please include exact street number, street name, suburb and post code.
E.g. 5, Prep, 12, etc.
Name of Supervising Teacher: *
Name of Supervising Teacher:
Please allocate a teacher who we may contact on the day of excursion.
Mobile number of the allocated teacher who will be attending the excursion.
Please include all other relevant information, including bus parking details.
Please include the number of teachers and supervisors in the field above for the exact number of passengers. This number should be included in the field titled 'Exact Number of Passengers'.